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......@@ -3949,7 +3949,6 @@ displayed (@pxref{Display Feature Testing}).
* XPM Images:: Special features for XPM format.
* GIF Images:: Special features for GIF format.
* TIFF Images:: Special features for TIFF format.
* PostScript Images:: Special features for PostScript format.
* Other Image Types:: Various other formats are supported.
* Defining Images:: Convenient ways to define an image for later use.
* Showing Images:: Convenient ways to display an image once it is defined.
......@@ -4348,37 +4347,6 @@ number @var{index} from the file. If the TIFF file doesn't contain an
image with index @var{index}, the image displays as a hollow box.
@end table
@node PostScript Images
@subsection PostScript Images
@cindex postscript images
To use PostScript for an image, specify image type @code{postscript}.
This works only if you have Ghostscript installed. You must always use
these three properties:
@table @code
@item :pt-width @var{width}
The value, @var{width}, specifies the width of the image measured in
points (1/72 inch). @var{width} must be an integer.
@item :pt-height @var{height}
The value, @var{height}, specifies the height of the image in points
(1/72 inch). @var{height} must be an integer.
@item :bounding-box @var{box}
The value, @var{box}, must be a list or vector of four integers, which
specifying the bounding box of the PostScript image, analogous to the
@samp{BoundingBox} comment found in PostScript files.
%%BoundingBox: 22 171 567 738
@end example
@end table
Displaying PostScript images from Lisp data is not currently
implemented, but it may be implemented by the time you read this.
See the @file{etc/NEWS} file to make sure.
@node Other Image Types
@subsection Other Image Types
@cindex PBM
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