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(Input methods): Some more keys useful in Chinese input methods.

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......@@ -390,7 +390,10 @@ corresponds to many different Chinese characters, you must select one of
the alternatives using special Emacs commands. Keys such as @kbd{C-f},
@kbd{C-b}, @kbd{C-n}, @kbd{C-p}, and digits have special definitions in
this situation, used for selecting among the alternatives. @key{TAB}
displays a buffer showing all the possibilities.
displays a buffer showing all the possibilities; clicking @kbd{Mouse-2}
on one of the possible completions selects that alternative.
@code{C-@key{SPC}} selects the current alternative, while typing a
number @var{n} selects the @var{n}th column of the current row.
In Japanese input methods, first you input a whole word using
phonetic spelling; then, after the word is in the buffer, Emacs converts
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