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*** empty log message ***

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......@@ -225,15 +225,22 @@ frame on another tty device interactively.
*** The function `make-frame-on-display' now works during a tty
session, and `make-frame-on-tty' works during a graphical session.
*** New functions: frame-tty-name, frame-tty-type, delete-tty,
suspend-tty, resume-tty, terminal-id, terminal-parameters,
terminal-parameter, set-terminal-parameter,
modify-terminal-parameters, environment, let-environment
*** New functions: `delete-tty', `suspend-tty', `resume-tty'.
*** New variables: local-key-translation-map, local-function-key-map
*** New functions: `terminal-id', `terminal-parameters',
`terminal-parameter', `set-terminal-parameter',
*** New frame parameters display-environment-variable and
*** New functions: `environment', `let-environment'.
*** New variables: `local-key-translation-map', `local-function-key-map'.
These are in addition to the global key-translation-map and
function-key-map variables that already existed.
??? How do the new variables relate to the old ones?
*** New frame parameters `display-environment-variable' and
*** The `keyboard-translate-table' variable and the terminal and
keyboard coding systems have been made terminal-local.
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