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Mention the Emacs manual.

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......@@ -1049,6 +1049,28 @@ beside the corresponding command names such as find-file.
primary documentation.
You can learn more about Emacs by reading its manual, either as a book
or on-line in Info (use the Help menu or type F10 h r). Two features
that you may like especially are completion, which saves typing, and
dired, which simplifies file handling.
Completion is a way to avoid unnecessary typing. For instance, if you
want to switch to the *Messages* buffer, you can type C-x b *M<Tab>
and Emacs will fill in the rest of the buffer name as far as it can
determine from what you have already typed. Completion is described
in Info in the Emacs manual in the node called "Completion".
Dired enables you to list files in a directory (and optionally its
subdirectories), move around that list, visit, rename, delete and
otherwise operate on the files. Dired is described in Info in the
Emacs manual in the node called "Dired".
The manual also describes many other Emacs features.
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