Commit da4109a9 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(decode_coding): Fix args to translate_chars. Pay

attention to Vstandard_translation_table_for_decode.
(encode_coding): Fix args to translate_chars.  Pay attention to
parent 89364cda
......@@ -5584,7 +5584,9 @@ decode_coding (coding)
coding->annotated = 0;
(*(coding->decoder)) (coding);
translate_chars (CODING_ATTR_DECODE_TBL (attrs), coding);
translate_chars (coding, CODING_ATTR_DECODE_TBL (attrs));
else if (!NILP (Vstandard_translation_table_for_decode))
translate_chars (coding, Vstandard_translation_table_for_decode);
coding_set_destination (coding);
produce_chars (coding);
if (coding->annotated)
......@@ -5768,7 +5770,9 @@ encode_coding (coding)
consume_chars (coding);
translate_chars (CODING_ATTR_ENCODE_TBL (attrs), coding);
translate_chars (coding, CODING_ATTR_ENCODE_TBL (attrs));
else if (!NILP (Vstandard_translation_table_for_encode))
translate_chars (coding, Vstandard_translation_table_for_encode);
coding_set_destination (coding);
(*(coding->encoder)) (coding);
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