Commit da420726 authored by Ken Manheimer's avatar Ken Manheimer
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last pgg adjustment before migrating to epg.

(allout-encrypted-key-info): replace pgg-gpg-symmetric-key-p with explicit
examination of the parsed armoring structure.  pgg-gpg-symmetric-key-p
seems to have drifted, not recognizing parsed symmetric keys as being
parent 549c9aed
......@@ -6544,7 +6544,8 @@ An error is raised if the text is not encrypted."
(insert text)
(let* ((parsed-armor (pgg-parse-armor-region (point-min) (point-max)))
(type (if (pgg-gpg-symmetric-key-p parsed-armor)
;; pgg-gpg-symmetric-key-p has lost track.
(type (if (assq 'symmetric-key-algorithm (car (cdr parsed-armor)))
secret-keys first-secret-key for-key-owner)
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