Commit da4840af authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Adapt reminder-for-release-blocking-bugs

* admin/admin.el (reminder-for-release-blocking-bugs):
Require `debbugs-gnu' also in `interactive' form.

* admin/release-process: Rename RELEASE-CRITICAL to RELEASE-BLOCKING.
Adapt Emacs version.  Describe `reminder-for-release-blocking-bugs'.
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......@@ -928,13 +928,15 @@ changes (in a non-trivial way). This function does not check for that."
(defun reminder-for-release-blocking-bugs (version)
"Submit a reminder message for release-blocking bugs of Emacs VERSION."
(list (completing-read
"Emacs release: "
(mapcar #'identity debbugs-gnu-emacs-blocking-reports)
nil t debbugs-gnu-emacs-current-release)))
(list (progn
(require 'debbugs-gnu)
"Emacs release: "
(mapcar #'identity debbugs-gnu-emacs-blocking-reports)
nil t debbugs-gnu-emacs-current-release))))
(require 'reporter)
(require 'debbugs-gnu)
(require 'reporter)
(when-let ((id (alist-get version debbugs-gnu-emacs-blocking-reports
nil nil #'string-equal))
......@@ -41,17 +41,17 @@ released in the next release cycle. From time to time, the master
branches merges bugfix commits from the "emacs-NN" branch.
See admin/gitmerge.el.
Emacs uses the "blocking" feature of Debbugs for bugs that need to be
addressed in the next release.
Currently, bug#39200 is the tracking bug for release of 27.1 and
Currently, bug#43018 is the tracking bug for release of 27.2 and
bug#39202 is the tracking bug for release 28.1. Say bug#123 needs
to be fixed for Emacs 27.1. Send a message to
to be fixed for Emacs 27.2. Send a message to
that says:
block 39200 by 123
block 43018 by 123
Change "block" to "unblock" to remove a bug from the list. Closed
bugs are not listed as blockers, so you do not need to explicitly
......@@ -59,9 +59,17 @@ unblock one that has been closed. You may need to force an update of
the tracking bug with ctrl-f5/shift-reload to see the latest version.
If you use the debbugs package from GNU ELPA, you can apply the
following form to see all bugs which block a given release:
following command to see all bugs which block a given release:
(debbugs-gnu-emacs-release-blocking-reports "27.1")
(debbugs-gnu-emacs-release-blocking-reports "27.2")
The following command from admin/admin.el sends a reminder message
about release-blocking bugs to the <> mailing list:
(reminder-for-release-blocking-bugs "27.2")
It is recommended to send this reminder message once a month. Once the
pretest has started, a reminder message once a week is appropriate.
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