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(Images): Document new delayed library loading, variable

`image-library-alist' and (existing but undocumented) function
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......@@ -2875,8 +2875,13 @@ property of text that is displayed (@pxref{Display Property}). Like the
@code{display} property, this feature is available starting in Emacs 21.
Emacs can display a number of different image formats; some of them
are supported only if particular support libraries are installed on your
machine. The supported image formats include XBM, XPM (needing the
are supported only if particular support libraries are installed on
your machine. In some environments, Emacs allows loading image
libraries on demand; if so, the variable @code{image-library-alist}
can be used to modify the set of known names for these dynamic
libraries (though it is not posible to add new image formats).
The supported image formats include XBM, XPM (needing the
libraries @code{libXpm} version 3.4k and @code{libz}), GIF (needing
@code{libungif} 4.1.0), Postscript, PBM, JPEG (needing the
@code{libjpeg} library version v6a), TIFF (needing @code{libtiff} v3.4),
......@@ -2887,10 +2892,48 @@ type symbols are @code{xbm}, @code{xpm}, @code{gif}, @code{postscript},
@code{pbm}, @code{jpeg}, @code{tiff}, and @code{png}.
@defvar image-types
@vindex image-types
This variable contains a list of those image type symbols that are
supported in the current configuration.
potentially supported in the current configuration.
@emph{Potentially} here means that Emacs knows about the image types,
not necessarily that they can be loaded (they could depend on
unavailable dynamic libraries, for example).
To know which image types are really available, use
@end defvar
@defvar image-library-alist
@vindex image-library-alist
This in an alist of image types vs external libraries needed to
display them.
Each element is a list @code{(@var{IMAGE-TYPE} @var{LIBRARY}...)},
where the car is a supported image format from @code{image-types}, and
the rest are strings giving alternate filenames for the corresponding
external libraries to load.
They are tried in the order they appear on the list; if none of them
can be loaded, the running session of Emacs won't support the image
type. No entries are needed for @code{pbm} and @code{xbm} images;
they're always supported.
This variable is ignored if the image libraries are statically linked
into Emacs.
@end defvar
@defun image-type-available-p type
@findex image-type-available-p
This function returns non-nil if image type TYPE is available, i.e.,
if images of this type can be loaded and displayed in Emacs. TYPE
should be one of the types contained in @code{image-types}.
For image types whose support libraries are statically linked, this
function always returns @code{t}; for other image types, it returns
@code{t} if the dynamic library could be loaded, @code{nil} otherwise.
@end defun
* Image Descriptors:: How to specify an image for use in @code{:display}.
* XBM Images:: Special features for XBM format.
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