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;;; mouse-copy.el -- one-click text copy and move
;; Copyright (C) 1996 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
;; Author: John Heidemann <johnh@ISI.EDU>
;; Keywords: mouse
;; This file is part of GNU Emacs.
;; GNU Emacs is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; GNU Emacs is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;; Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
;;; Commentary:
;;; What is ``mouse-copy.el''?
;;; It provides one-click text copy and move. Rather than the
;;; standard stroke-out-a-region (down-mouse-1, up-mouse-1) followed
;;; by a yank (down-mouse-2, up-mouse-2 or C-y), you can now stroke
;;; out a region and have it automatically pasted at the current
;;; point. You can also move text just as easily. Although the
;;; difference may not sound like much, it does make mousing text
;;; around a lot easier, IMHO.
;;; If you like mouse-copy, you should also check out mouse-drag
;;; for ``one-click scrolling''.
;;; To use mouse-copy, place the following in your .emacs file:
;;; (require 'mouse-copy)
;;; (global-set-key [M-down-mouse-1] 'mouse-drag-secondary-pasting)
;;; (global-set-key [M-S-down-mouse-1] 'mouse-drag-secondary-moving)
;;; (These definitions override the old binding of M-mouse-1 to
;;; mouse-drag-secondary. I find I don't use that command much so its
;;; loss is not important, and it can be made up with a M-mouse-1
;;; followed by a M-mouse-3. I personally reserve M-mouse bindings
;;; for my window manager and bind everything to C-mouse.)
;;; History and related work:
;;; One-click copying and moving was inspired by lemacs-19.8.
;;; Throw-scrolling was inspired by MacPaint's ``hand'' and by Tk's
;;; mouse-2 scrolling. The package mouse-scroll.el by Tom Wurgler
;;; <> is similar to mouse-drag-throw, but
;;; doesn't pass clicks through.
;;; These functions have been tested in emacs version 19.30,
;;; and this package has run in the past on 19.25-19.29.
;;; Originally mouse-copy was part of a larger package.
;;; As of 11 July 96 the scrolling functions were split out
;;; in preparation for incorporation into (the future) emacs-19.32.
;;; Known Bugs:
;;; - Highlighting is sub-optimal under 19.29 and XFree86-3.1.1
;;; (see \\[mouse-copy-work-around-drag-bug] for details).
;;; - mouse-drag-secondary-pasting and mouse-drag-secondary-moving
;;; require X11R5 (or better) and so fail under older versions
;;; of Open Windows (like that present in Solaris/x86 2.1).
;;; Future plans:
;;; I read about the chording features of Plan-9's Acme environment at
;;; <>. I'd like
;;; to incorporate some of these ideas into mouse-copy. The only
;;; lose is that this is not the current Emacs Way Of Doing Things, so
;;; there would be a learning curve for existing emacs users.
;;; Thanks:
;;; Thanks to Kai Grossjohann
;;; <> for reporting bugs, to
;;; Tom Wurgler <> for reporting bugs and
;;; suggesting fixes, and to Joel Graber <> for
;;; prompting me to do drag-scrolling and for an initial
;;; implementation of horizontal drag-scrolling.
;;; -johnh, 11-Jul-96
;;; Old changes, for reference:
;;; What's new with mouse-copy 2.22?
;;; - copy functions split out from mouse-extras.el
;;; - support for emacs-19.{29,30,31} (no changes needed for the 31 port!)
;;; What's new with mouse-extras 2.21?
;;; - support for emacs-19.{29,30}
;;; - point now stays on the visible screen during horizontal scrolling
;;; (bug identified and fix suggested by Tom Wurgler <>)
;;; - better work-around for lost-mouse-events bug (supports double/triple
;;; clicks), see \\[mouse-extras-work-around-drag-bug] for details.
;;; - work-around for lost-mouse-events bug now is OFF by default;
;;; enable it if you have problems
;;; Code:
;; move/paste code
(defvar mouse-copy-last-paste-start nil
"Internal to `mouse-drag-secondary-pasting'.")
(defvar mouse-copy-last-paste-end nil
"Internal to `mouse-drag-secondary-pasting'.")
(defvar mouse-copy-have-drag-bug nil
"Set to enable mouse-copy-work-around-drag-bug.
See `mouse-copy-work-around-drag-bug' for details.")
(defun mouse-copy-work-around-drag-bug (start-event end-event)
"Code to work around a bug in post-19.29 emacs: it drops mouse-drag events.
The problem occurs under XFree86-3.1.1 (X11R6pl11) but not under X11R5,
and under post-19.29 but not early versions of emacs.
19.29 and 19.30 seems to drop mouse drag events
sometimes. (Reproducable under XFree86-3.1.1 (X11R6pl11) and
XFree86-3.1.2 under Linux 1.2.x. Doesn't occur under X11R5 and SunOS
To see if you have the problem:
Disable this routine (with (setq mouse-copy-have-drag-bug nil))..
Click and drag for a while.
If highlighting stops tracking, you have the bug.
If you have the bug (or the real fix :-), please let me know."
;; To work-around, call mouse-set-secondary with a fake
;; drag event to set the overlay,
;; the load the x-selection.
((start-posn (event-start start-event))
(end-posn (event-end end-event))
(end-buffer (window-buffer (posn-window end-posn)))
;; First, figure out the region (left as point/mark).
(range (progn
(set-buffer end-buffer)
(mouse-start-end (posn-point start-posn)
(posn-point end-posn)
(1- (event-click-count start-event)))))
(beg (car range))
(end (car (cdr range))))
;; Second, set the overlay.
(if mouse-secondary-overlay
(move-overlay mouse-secondary-overlay beg end)
(setq mouse-secondary-overlay (make-overlay beg (posn-point end))))
(overlay-put mouse-secondary-overlay 'face 'secondary-selection)
;; Third, set the selection.
;; (setq me-beg beg me-end end me-range range) ; for debugging
(set-buffer end-buffer)
(x-set-selection 'SECONDARY (buffer-substring beg end)))))
(defun mouse-drag-secondary-pasting (start-event)
"Drag out a secondary selection, then paste it at the current point.
To test this function, evaluate:
(global-set-key [M-down-mouse-1] 'mouse-drag-secondary-pasting)
put the point at one place, then click and drag over some other region."
(interactive "e")
;; Work-around: We see and react to each part of a multi-click event
;; as it proceeds. For a triple-event, this means the double-event
;; has already copied something that the triple-event will re-copy
;; (a Bad Thing). We therefore undo the prior insertion if we're on
;; a multiple event.
(if (and mouse-copy-last-paste-start
(>= (event-click-count start-event) 2))
(delete-region mouse-copy-last-paste-start
;; HACK: We assume that mouse-drag-secondary returns nil if
;; there's no secondary selection. This assumption holds as of
;; emacs-19.22 but is not documented. It's not clear that there's
;; any other way to get this information.
(if (mouse-drag-secondary start-event)
(if mouse-copy-have-drag-bug
(mouse-copy-work-around-drag-bug start-event last-input-event))
;; Remember what we do so we can undo it, if necessary.
(setq mouse-copy-last-paste-start (point))
(insert (x-get-selection 'SECONDARY))
(setq mouse-copy-last-paste-end (point)))
(setq mouse-copy-last-paste-start nil)))
(defun mouse-kill-preserving-secondary ()
"Kill the text in the secondary selection, but leave the selection set.
This command is like \\[mouse-kill-secondary] (that is, the secondary
selection is deleted and placed in the kill ring), except that it also
leaves the secondary buffer active on exit.
This command was derived from mouse-kill-secondary in emacs-19.28
(let* ((keys (this-command-keys))
(click (elt keys (1- (length keys)))))
(or (eq (overlay-buffer mouse-secondary-overlay)
(if (listp click)
(window-buffer (posn-window (event-start click)))
(error "Select or click on the buffer where the secondary selection is")))
(set-buffer (overlay-buffer mouse-secondary-overlay))
(kill-region (overlay-start mouse-secondary-overlay)
(overlay-end mouse-secondary-overlay)))
;; (delete-overlay mouse-secondary-overlay)
;; (x-set-selection 'SECONDARY nil)
;; (setq mouse-secondary-overlay nil)
(defun mouse-drag-secondary-moving (start-event)
"Sweep out a secondary selection, then move it to the current point."
(interactive "e")
;; HACK: We assume that mouse-drag-secondary returns nil if
;; there's no secondary selection. This works as of emacs-19.22.
;; It's not clear that there's any other way to get this information.
(if (mouse-drag-secondary start-event)
(insert (x-get-selection 'SECONDARY))))
(provide 'mouse-copy)
;;; mouse-copy.el ends here
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