Commit da567a4f authored by Glenn Morris's avatar Glenn Morris
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(gdb-restore-windows, gdb-reset, global-hl-line-highlight)
(hl-line-highlight, gdb-display-source-buffer)
(gdb-display-buffer, c-langelem-sym, c-langelem-pos)
(syntax-symbol, syntax-point, gdb-enqueue-input): Declare as functions.
parent 6297397b
......@@ -318,6 +318,8 @@ Uses `gud-<MINOR-MODE>-directories' to find the source files."
(setq directories (cdr directories)))
(declare-function gdb-create-define-alist "gdb-ui" ())
(defun gud-find-file (file)
;; Don't get confused by double slashes in the name that comes from GDB.
(while (string-match "//+" file)
......@@ -709,6 +711,9 @@ The option \"--fullname\" must be included in this value."
(defvar gud-filter-pending-text nil
"Non-nil means this is text that has been saved for later in `gud-filter'.")
;; If in gdba mode, gdb-ui is loaded.
(declare-function gdb-restore-windows "gdb-ui" ())
;; The old gdb command (text command mode). The new one is in gdb-ui.el.
(defun gud-gdb (command-line)
......@@ -2597,6 +2602,8 @@ It is saved for when this flag is not set.")
(defvar gud-overlay-arrow-position nil)
(add-to-list 'overlay-arrow-variable-list 'gud-overlay-arrow-position)
(declare-function gdb-reset "gdb-ui" ())
(defun gud-sentinel (proc msg)
(cond ((null (buffer-name (process-buffer proc)))
;; buffer killed
......@@ -2666,6 +2673,11 @@ Obeying it means displaying in another window the specified file and line."
(setq gud-last-last-frame gud-last-frame
gud-last-frame nil)))
(declare-function global-hl-line-highlight "hl-line" ())
(declare-function hl-line-highlight "hl-line" ())
(declare-function gdb-display-source-buffer "gdb-ui" (buffer))
(declare-function gdb-display-buffer "gdb-ui" (buf dedicated &optional size))
;; Make sure the file named TRUE-FILE is in a buffer that appears on the screen
;; and that its line LINE is visible.
;; Put the overlay-arrow on the line LINE in that buffer.
......@@ -2998,6 +3010,12 @@ Link exprs of the form:
(t nil)))
(t nil))))
(declare-function c-langelem-sym "cc-defs" (langelem))
(declare-function c-langelem-pos "cc-defs" (langelem))
(declare-function syntax-symbol "gud" (x))
(declare-function syntax-point "gud" (x))
(defun gud-find-class (f line)
"Find fully qualified class in file F at line LINE.
This function uses the `gud-jdb-classpath' (and optional
......@@ -3383,6 +3401,8 @@ With arg, dereference expr if ARG is positive, otherwise do not derereference."
((xdb pdb) (concat "p " expr))
(sdb (concat expr "/"))))
(declare-function gdb-enqueue-input "gdb-ui" (item))
(defun gud-tooltip-tips (event)
"Show tip for identifier or selection under the mouse.
The mouse must either point at an identifier or inside a selected
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