Commit da5a7abb authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(dired-read-dir-and-switches): Use read-directory-name even for non-dialogs.

parent 23c2e0e4
2008-04-11 Stefan Monnier <>
* dired.el (dired-read-dir-and-switches): Use read-directory-name even
for non-dialogs.
* (bootstrap-prepare): Don't copy ldefs-boot over loaddefs.
* loadup.el: Load ldefs-boot.el if loaddefs.el doesn't exist.
......@@ -594,15 +594,12 @@ Don't use that together with FILTER."
;; If a dialog is about to be used, call read-directory-name so
;; the dialog code knows we want directories. Some dialogs can
;; only select directories or files when popped up, not both.
(if (next-read-file-uses-dialog-p)
(read-directory-name (format "Dired %s(directory): " str)
nil default-directory nil)
(let ((default (and buffer-file-name
(abbreviate-file-name buffer-file-name))))
(lambda () (setq minibuffer-default default))
(read-file-name (format "Dired %s(directory): " str)
nil default-directory nil)))))))
(read-directory-name (format "Dired %s(directory): " str)
nil default-directory nil))))))
;;;###autoload (define-key ctl-x-map "d" 'dired)
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