Commit da5e0050 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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cl-extra fixes for most-negative-fixnum

* lisp/emacs-lisp/cl-extra.el (cl-gcd, cl-lcm, cl-random):
Don't mishandle an argument equal to most-negative-fixnum,
whose absolute value equals itself.
(cl-gcd, cl-lcm): Use dolist rather than doing it by hand.
parent efc262f5
......@@ -299,22 +299,21 @@ If so, return the true (non-nil) value returned by PREDICATE.
(defun cl-gcd (&rest args)
"Return the greatest common divisor of the arguments."
(let ((a (abs (or (pop args) 0))))
(while args
(let ((b (abs (pop args))))
(while (> b 0) (setq b (% a (setq a b))))))
(let ((a (or (pop args) 0)))
(dolist (b args)
(while (/= b 0)
(setq b (% a (setq a b)))))
(abs a)))
(defun cl-lcm (&rest args)
"Return the least common multiple of the arguments."
(if (memq 0 args)
(let ((a (abs (or (pop args) 1))))
(while args
(let ((b (abs (pop args))))
(setq a (* (/ a (cl-gcd a b)) b))))
(let ((a (or (pop args) 1)))
(dolist (b args)
(setq a (* (/ a (cl-gcd a b)) b)))
(abs a))))
(defun cl-isqrt (x)
......@@ -431,7 +430,7 @@ Optional second arg STATE is a random-state object."
;; Inspired by "ran3" from Numerical Recipes. Additive congruential method.
(let ((vec (aref state 3)))
(if (integerp vec)
(let ((i 0) (j (- 1357335 (% (abs vec) 1357333))) (k 1))
(let ((i 0) (j (- 1357335 (abs (% vec 1357333)))) (k 1))
(aset state 3 (setq vec (make-vector 55 nil)))
(aset vec 0 j)
(while (> (setq i (% (+ i 21) 55)) 0)
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