Commit da6aae60 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman

(PTY_TTY_NAME_SPRINTF): New definition.

(sigsetmask): Add #undef.

(SOLARIS2_4): Defined.

Discard old contents of file.  Instead, undef C_SWITCH_SYSTEM and
const, so that we use GCC without -traditional.
(HAVE_VFORK): Defined.
parent 98b29a3e
/* Handle Solaris 2.4. */
#include "sol2-3.h"
#define SOLARIS2_4
/* Get rid of -traditional and let const really do its thing. */
#ifdef __GNUC__
#ifdef i386
/* Since we use gcc -traditional, we have to work around a bogus "volatile" in
<sys/machlock.h>. Must do this before #include "sol2-3.h". */
#define volatile
#endif /* i386 */
#undef const
#endif /* __GNUC__ */
#include "sol2-3.h"
#define HAVE_VFORK
/* solaris does POSIX signals. this bit is from s/usg-5-4-2.h */
#undef sigsetmask
{ \
char *ptsname(), *ptyname; \
sigblock(sigmask(SIGCLD)); \
if (grantpt(fd) == -1) \
fatal("could not grant slave pty"); \
sigunblock(sigmask(SIGCLD)); \
if (unlockpt(fd) == -1) \
fatal("could not unlock slave pty"); \
if (!(ptyname = ptsname(fd))) \
fatal ("could not enable slave pty"); \
strncpy(pty_name, ptyname, sizeof(pty_name)); \
pty_name[sizeof(pty_name) - 1] = 0; \
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