Commit da8937c1 authored by Jay Belanger's avatar Jay Belanger
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(calc-fancy-prefix): Removed emacs version check.

parent 33f3d9ae
......@@ -1393,8 +1393,7 @@ calc-kill calc-kill-region calc-yank))))
(and (>= last-command-char 0) (< last-command-char ? )
(not (memq last-command-char '(?\e)))))
(calc-wrapper)) ; clear flags if not a Calc command.
(if calc-emacs-type-19
(setq last-command-event (cdr event)))
(setq last-command-event (cdr event))
(if (or (not (integerp last-command-char))
(eq last-command-char ?-))
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