Commit da8a8438 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(dired-quit): Function deleted.

(dired-mode-map): Use quit-window for q.
parent 31cd9611
......@@ -891,7 +891,7 @@ If DIRNAME is already in a dired buffer, that buffer is used without refresh."
(define-key map "o" 'dired-find-file-other-window)
(define-key map "\C-o" 'dired-display-file)
(define-key map "p" 'dired-previous-line)
(define-key map "q" 'dired-quit)
(define-key map "q" 'quit-window)
(define-key map "s" 'dired-sort-toggle-or-edit)
(define-key map "t" 'dired-do-toggle)
(define-key map "u" 'dired-unmark)
......@@ -1154,11 +1154,6 @@ Keybindings:
;; Idiosyncratic dired commands that don't deal with marks.
(defun dired-quit ()
"Bury the current dired buffer."
(defun dired-summary ()
"Summarize basic Dired commands and show recent Dired errors."
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