Commit daa02ea5 authored by Dan Nicolaescu's avatar Dan Nicolaescu
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*** empty log message ***

parent 78781cbe
......@@ -5885,7 +5885,8 @@ This does highlighting of signal names with specific syntax.")
(re-search-forward "\\s-*\\<end\\s-+\\(process\\|block\\)\\>" nil t)
(require 'hideshow)
;; Not needed `hs-special-modes-alist' is autoloaded.
;(require 'hideshow)
(unless (assq 'vhdl-mode hs-special-modes-alist)
(setq hs-special-modes-alist
......@@ -62,6 +62,11 @@
(defvar which-func-unknown "???"
"String to display in the mode line when current function is unknown.")
(defgroup which-func nil
"Mode to display the current function name in the modeline."
:group 'tools
:version "20.3")
(defcustom which-func-modes
'(emacs-lisp-mode c-mode c++-mode perl-mode makefile-mode sh-mode)
"List of major modes for which `which-func-mode' should be used.
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