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Strokes update. Toolbar stuff.

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......@@ -31,6 +31,13 @@ support 64-bit executables. See etc/MACHINES for instructions.
* Changes in Emacs 21.1
* The Strokes package has been updated. If your Emacs has XPM
support, you can use it for pictographic editing. In Strokes mode,
use C-mouse-2 to compose a complex stoke and insert it into the
buffer. You can encode or decode a strokes buffer with new commands
M-x strokes-encode-buffer and M-x strokes-decode-buffer. There is a
new command M-x strokes-list-strokes.
* New command M-x describe-character-set reads a character set name
and displayes information about that.
......@@ -491,6 +498,9 @@ customized.
Emacs supports a tool bar at the top of a frame under X. For details
how to define a tool bar, see the page describing Lisp-level changes.
Toolbar global minor mode controls whether or not it is displayed. To
make the toolbar more useful, we need contributions of extra icons for
specific modes (with copyright assignments).
** Mouse-sensitive mode line.
......@@ -3342,8 +3352,6 @@ suppresses the tool bar. If the value is non-zero and
`auto-resize-tool-bars' is non-nil the tool bar's size will be changed
automatically so that all tool bar items are visible.
before this facility can be useful, we need people to donate icons.
*** Tool bar item definitions
Tool bar items are defined using `define-key' with a prefix-key
......@@ -3401,6 +3409,11 @@ algorithm is used on that image to draw the image in disabled state.
Gives a help string to display for the tool bar item. This help
is displayed when the mouse is moved over the item.
The function `toolbar-add-item' is a convenience function for adding
toolbar items generally, and `toolbar-like-menu-item' can be used to
define a toolbar item with a binding copied from an item on the menu
*** Tool-bar-related variables.
If `auto-resize-tool-bar' is non-nil, the tool bar will automatically
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