Commit dac64e35 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii

Avoid optimizing out the last_marked[] array

* src/alloc.c <last_marked>: No longer 'static', to avoid having
it optimized out in optimized builds, which then makes debugging
GC problems harder.
parent 4f406e98
......@@ -6014,7 +6014,9 @@ mark_glyph_matrix (struct glyph_matrix *matrix)
all the references contained in it. */
#define LAST_MARKED_SIZE 500
static Lisp_Object last_marked[LAST_MARKED_SIZE];
/* This is not static to prevent it from being optimized away in an
optimized build, which then makes debugging GC problems harder. */
Lisp_Object last_marked[LAST_MARKED_SIZE];
static int last_marked_index;
/* For debugging--call abort when we cdr down this many
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