Commit dad67609 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(window_scroll_pixel_based): Don't call Fbolp;

instead, see if the new start pos is at beginning of line.
parent bf3428a1
......@@ -4162,10 +4162,14 @@ window_scroll_pixel_based (window, n, whole, noerror)
if (! vscrolled)
int pos = IT_CHARPOS (it);
int bytepos;
/* Set the window start, and set up the window for redisplay. */
set_marker_restricted (w->start, make_number (IT_CHARPOS (it)),
set_marker_restricted (w->start, make_number (pos),
w->start_at_line_beg = Fbolp ();
bytepos = XMARKER (w->start)->bytepos;
w->start_at_line_beg = ((pos == BEGV || FETCH_BYTE (bytepos - 1) == '\n')
? Qt : Qnil);
w->update_mode_line = Qt;
XSETFASTINT (w->last_modified, 0);
XSETFASTINT (w->last_overlay_modified, 0);
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