Commit daf462b5 authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(tags-query-replace): Add parameters START

and END.  Construct a form with additional arguments for
parent c2e303c8
......@@ -1618,7 +1618,7 @@ See documentation of variable `tags-file-name'."
(tags-loop-continue (or file-list-form t))))
(defun tags-query-replace (from to &optional delimited file-list-form)
(defun tags-query-replace (from to &optional delimited start end file-list-form)
"Query-replace-regexp FROM with TO through all files listed in tags table.
Third arg DELIMITED (prefix arg) means replace only word-delimited matches.
If you exit (\\[keyboard-quit] or ESC), you can resume the query-replace
......@@ -1634,7 +1634,7 @@ See documentation of variable `tags-file-name'."
;; will see it.
'(goto-char (match-beginning 0))))
tags-loop-operate (list 'perform-replace
(list 'quote from) (list 'quote to)
(list 'quote from) (list 'quote to) nil nil
t t (list 'quote delimited)))
(tags-loop-continue (or file-list-form t)))
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