Commit db046b7d authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(decode-coding-inserted-region): Renamed

from decode-coding-region-as-inserted-from-file to make it fit
well in the Lisp manual.
parent 7e450d02
......@@ -1899,9 +1899,8 @@ or a function symbol which, when called, returns such a cons cell."
(cons (cons regexp coding-system)
(defun decode-coding-region-as-inserted-from-file (from to filename
visit beg end replace)
(defun decode-coding-inserted-region (from to filename
&optional visit beg end replace)
"Decode the region between FROM and TO as if it is read from file FILENAME.
Optional arguments VISIT, BEG, END, and REPLACE are the same as those
of the function `insert-file-contents'."
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