Commit db3fc07c authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

* (HAVE_LIBXML2): Add missing comma.

parent 5c20aa74
2015-02-09 Paul Eggert <>
* (HAVE_LIBXML2): Add missing comma.
2015-02-08 Paul Eggert <>
Port to platforms lacking test -a and -o
......@@ -3505,7 +3505,7 @@ if test "${with_xml2}" != "no"; then
if test "${HAVE_LIBXML2}" = "yes"; then
if test "${opsys}" != "mingw32"; then
AC_CHECK_LIB(xml2, htmlReadMemory, HAVE_LIBXML2=yes, HAVE_LIBXML2=no
AC_CHECK_LIB(xml2, htmlReadMemory, HAVE_LIBXML2=yes, HAVE_LIBXML2=no,
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