Commit db5f1c43 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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(define-hooked-local-abbrev, define-hooked-global-abbrev): Fix, using

parent 943e731c
......@@ -227,10 +227,10 @@
(symbol-value symbol)))
(defun define-hooked-local-abbrev (name exp hook)
(define-local-abbrev name exp (intern hook)))
(define-abbrev local-abbrev-table name exp (intern hook)))
(defun define-hooked-global-abbrev (name exp hook)
(define-global-abbrev name exp (intern hook)))
(define-abbrev global-abbrev-table name exp (intern hook)))
(defun case-word-lower ()
(ml-casify-word 'downcase-region))
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