Commit db6e1f82 authored by Reuben Thomas's avatar Reuben Thomas
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Remove support for ispell < 3.1.12

* lisp/textmodes/ispell.el (ispell-offset): Remove.
(ispell-check-version): Require ispell >= 3.1.12, released in 1994.
(ispell-process-line): No longer use ispell-offset.
parent 3affed01
......@@ -673,9 +673,6 @@ here just for backwards compatibility.")
(defvar ispell-offset -1
"Offset that maps protocol differences between ispell 3.1 versions.")
(defconst ispell-version "ispell.el 3.6 - 7-Jan-2003")
......@@ -758,13 +755,10 @@ Otherwise returns the library directory name, if that is defined."
(let ((aspell-minver "0.50")
(aspell8-minver "0.60")
(ispell0-minver "3.1.0")
(ispell-minver "3.1.12")
(hunspell8-minver "1.1.6"))
(if (version<= ispell0-minver ispell-program-version)
(or (version<= ispell-minver ispell-program-version)
(setq ispell-offset 0))
(unless (version<= ispell-minver ispell-program-version)
(error "%s release %s or greater is required"
......@@ -3360,7 +3354,7 @@ Returns the sum SHIFT due to changes in word replacements."
;; Markers can move with highlighting! This destroys
;; end of region markers line-end and ispell-region-end
(let ((word-start
(copy-marker (+ ispell-start ispell-offset (car (cdr poss)))))
(copy-marker (+ ispell-start (car (cdr poss)))))
(word-len (length (car poss)))
(line-end (copy-marker ispell-end))
(line-start (copy-marker ispell-start))
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