Commit db8c4866 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(path-separator, parse-colon-path): Doc fixes.

(revert-without-query): Renamed from
(find-file-noselect): Use new option.
(revert-buffer): Check the option here too.
parent f209429d
......@@ -146,12 +146,12 @@ both at the file level and at the levels of the containing directories."
:type 'boolean
:group 'find-file)
(defcustom find-file-revert-without-query
(defcustom revert-without-query
"*Specify which files should be reverted without query.
The value is a list of regular expressions.
If the file name matches one of these regular expressions,
then `find-file' reverts the file without querying
then `revert-buffer' reverts the file without querying
if the file has changed on disk and you have not edited the buffer."
:type 'boolean
:group 'find-file)
......@@ -366,10 +366,10 @@ with a definition that really does change some file names."
Not actually set up until the first time you you use it.")
(defvar path-separator ":"
"Character used to separate concatenated paths.")
"Character used to separate directories in search paths.")
(defun parse-colon-path (cd-path)
"Explode a colon-separated list of paths into a string list."
"Explode a colon-separated search path into a list of directory names."
(and cd-path
(let (cd-prefix cd-list (cd-start 0) cd-colon)
(setq cd-path (concat cd-path path-separator))
......@@ -879,7 +879,7 @@ Optional second arg RAWFILE non-nil means the file is read literally"
;; Certain files should be reverted automatically
;; if they have changed on disk and not in the buffer.
((and (not (buffer-modified-p buf))
(let ((tail find-file-revert-without-query)
(let ((tail revert-without-query)
(found nil))
(while tail
(if (string-match (car tail) filename)
......@@ -2446,6 +2446,14 @@ non-nil, it is called instead of rereading visited file contents."
(cond ((null file-name)
(error "Buffer does not seem to be associated with any file"))
((or noconfirm
(and (not (buffer-modified-p))
(let ((tail revert-without-query)
(found nil))
(while tail
(if (string-match (car tail) file-name)
(setq found t))
(setq tail (cdr tail)))
(yes-or-no-p (format "Revert buffer from file %s? "
(run-hooks 'before-revert-hook)
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