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Mention Autotype.

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......@@ -49,6 +49,9 @@ Then the formatting appears on the screen in Emacs while you edit.
@xref{Formatted Text}.
@end iftex
The `automatic typing' features may be useful when writing text.
@xref{Top, Autotyping, autotype, Features for Automatic Typing}.
* Words:: Moving over and killing words.
* Sentences:: Moving over and killing sentences.
......@@ -785,12 +788,15 @@ underlines are considered part of words.
@cindex Paragraph-Indent Text mode
@cindex mode, Paragraph-Indent Text
@findex paragraph-indent-text-mode
@findex paragraph-indent-minor-mode
If you indent the first lines of paragraphs, then you should use
Paragraph-Indent Text mode rather than Text mode. In this mode, you do
not need to have blank lines between paragraphs, because the first-line
indentation is sufficient to start a paragraph; however paragraphs in
which every line is indented are not supported. Use @kbd{M-x
paragraph-indent-text-mode} to enter this mode.
paragraph-indent-text-mode} to enter this mode. Use @kbd{M-x
paragraph-indent-minor-mode} to enter an equivalent minor mode, for
instance during mail composition.
@kindex M-TAB @r{(Text mode)}
Text mode, and all the modes based on it, define @kbd{M-@key{TAB}} as
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