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Avoid having to build src/emacs when we just want to `make tags`

* (TAGS tags): Remove `src` from the dependencies.
* src/ (ctagsfiles1): Strip macuvs.h and fingerprint.c.
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......@@ -944,7 +944,9 @@ extraclean: $(extraclean_dirs:=_extraclean)
# The src subdir knows how to do the right thing
# even when the build directory and source dir are different.
TAGS tags: lib lib-src src
# FIXME: We used to include `src` in the dependencies, not sure why.
# I removed it because it causes `make tags` to build Emacs.
TAGS tags: lib lib-src # src
$(MAKE) -C src tags
.PHONY: have-tests
......@@ -720,7 +720,10 @@ ETAGS = ../lib-src/etags${EXEEXT}
${MAKE} -C ../lib-src $(notdir $@)
ctagsfiles1 = $(wildcard ${srcdir}/*.[hc])
# Remove macuvs.h and fingerprint.c since they'd cause `src/emacs`
# to be built before we can get TAGS.
ctagsfiles1 = $(filter-out ${srcdir}/macuvs.h ${srcdir}/fingerprint.c, \
$(wildcard ${srcdir}/*.[hc]))
ctagsfiles2 = $(wildcard ${srcdir}/*.m)
## In out-of-tree builds, TAGS are generated in the build dir, like
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