Commit dbda5089 authored by Geoff Voelker's avatar Geoff Voelker
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fileio.c (init_fileio_once): New function.

parent 680256a8
......@@ -5517,6 +5517,13 @@ DIR defaults to current buffer's directory default.")
return val;
init_fileio_once ()
/* Must be set before any path manipulation is performed. */
XSETFASTINT (Vdirectory_sep_char, '/');
syms_of_fileio ()
......@@ -5661,7 +5668,6 @@ The value should be either ?/ or ?\\ (any other value is treated as ?\\).\n\
This variable affects the built-in functions only on Windows,\n\
on other platforms, it is initialized so that Lisp code can find out\n\
what the normal separator is.");
XSETFASTINT (Vdirectory_sep_char, '/');
DEFVAR_LISP ("file-name-handler-alist", &Vfile_name_handler_alist,
"*Alist of elements (REGEXP . HANDLER) for file names handled specially.\n\
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