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Mention problems with username in the MS-DOS port on MS-Windows.

parent 221d9807
......@@ -3534,6 +3534,28 @@ program by the same name supplied with DJGPP, which is used by
config.bat. To resolve this, move the DJGPP's `bin' subdirectory to
the front of your PATH environment variable.
*** When Emacs compiled with DJGPP runs on Windows 2000 and later, it cannot
find your HOME directory.
This was reported to happen when you click on "Save for future
sessions" button in a Customize buffer. You might see an error
message like this one:
basic-save-buffer-2: c:/FOO/BAR/~dosuser/: no such directory
(The telltale sign is the "~USER" part at the end of the directory
Emacs complains about, where USER is your username or the literal
string "dosuser", which is the default username set up by the DJGPP
startup file DJGPP.ENV.)
This happens when the functions `user-login-name' and
`user-real-login-name' return different strings for your username as
Emacs sees it. To correct this, make sure both USER and USERNAME
environment variables are set to the same value. Windows 2000 and
later sets USERNAME, so if you want to keep that, make sure USER is
set to the same value. If you don't want to set USER globally, you
can do it in the [emacs] section of your DJGPP.ENV file.
*** When Emacs compiled with DJGPP runs on Vista, it runs out of memory.
If Emacs running on Vista displays "!MEM FULL!" in the mode line, you
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