Commit dbff07a2 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(cjk-char-width-table): Delete it.

(cjk-char-width-table-list): New variable.
(use-cjk-char-width-table): New arg local-name.
(use-default-char-width-table): Fix for the case that Emacs is
already using the default char-width-table.
parent fd46e893
......@@ -1028,27 +1028,55 @@ Combining diacritic or mark (Unicode General Category M)")
(lambda (range ignore) (set-char-table-range char-width-table range 2))
(defvar cjk-char-width-table
(let ((table (make-char-table nil)))
(dolist (charset '(big5 chinese-gb2312 chinese-cns11643-1
japanese-jisx0208 cp932-2-byte korean-ksc5601))
(map-charset-chars #'(lambda (range arg)
(set-char-table-range table range 2))
(optimize-char-table table)
(set-char-table-parent table char-width-table)
"Character width table used in CJK language environment.")
(defun use-cjk-char-width-table ()
"Internal use only.
Setup char-width-table appropriate for CJK language environment."
(setq char-width-table cjk-char-width-table))
;; Internal use only.
;; Alist of locale symbol vs charsets. In a language environment
;; corresponding to the locale, width of characters in the charsets is
;; set to 2. Each element has the form:
;; LOCALE: locale symbol
;; TABLE: char-table used for char-width-table, initially nil.
;; CAHRSET: character set
;; FROM-CODE, TO-CODE: range of code-points in CHARSET
(defvar cjk-char-width-table-list
'((ja_JP nil (japanese-jisx0208 (#x2121 . #x287E))
(cp932-2-byte (#x8140 . #x879F)))
(zh_CN nil (chinese-gb2312 (#x2121 . #x297E)))
(zh_HK nil (big5-hkscs (#xA140 . #xA3FE) (#xC6A0 . #xC8FE)))
(zh_TW nil (big5 (#xA140 . #xA3FE))
(chinese-cns11643-1 (#x2121 . #x427E)))
(ko_KR nil (korean-ksc5601 (#x2121 . #x2C7E)))))
;; Internal use only.
;; Setup char-width-table appropriate for a language environment
;; corresponding to LOCALE-NAME (symbol).
(defun use-cjk-char-width-table (locale-name)
(while (char-table-parent char-width-table)
(setq char-width-table (char-table-parent char-width-table)))
(let ((slot (assq locale-name cjk-char-width-table-list))
(or slot (error "Unknown locale for CJK language environment: %s"
(unless (nth 1 slot)
(let ((table (make-char-table nil)))
(dolist (charset-info (nthcdr 2 slot))
(let ((charset (car charset-info)))
(dolist (code-range (cdr charset-info))
(map-charset-chars #'(lambda (range arg)
(set-char-table-range table range 2))
charset nil
(car code-range) (cdr code-range)))))
(optimize-char-table table)
(set-char-table-parent table char-width-table)
(setcar (cdr slot) table)))
(setq char-width-table (nth 1 slot))))
(defun use-default-char-width-table ()
"Internal use only.
Setup char-width-table appropriate for non-CJK language environment."
(setq char-width-table (char-table-parent cjk-char-width-table)))
(while (char-table-parent char-width-table)
(setq char-width-table (char-table-parent char-width-table))))
(optimize-char-table (standard-case-table))
(optimize-char-table (standard-syntax-table))
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