Commit dc0868e1 authored by John Wiegley's avatar John Wiegley
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(timeclock-modeline-display): Use assq as well as memq to find

`global-mode-string' within `mode-line-format'.  The structure of
that variable has changed in 21.3.
parent 4c302ba4
......@@ -273,13 +273,13 @@ positive. Returns the new status of timeclock modeline display
(> (prefix-numeric-value arg) 0)
(not timeclock-modeline-display))))
(if on-p
(let ((list-entry (memq 'global-mode-string
(let ((list-entry (or (memq 'global-mode-string mode-line-format)
;; In Emacs 21.3 we must use assq
(assq 'global-mode-string mode-line-format))))
(unless (or (null list-entry)
(memq 'timeclock-mode-string mode-line-format))
(setcdr list-entry
(cons 'timeclock-mode-string
(cdr list-entry))))
(setcdr list-entry (cons 'timeclock-mode-string
(cdr list-entry))))
(unless (memq 'timeclock-update-modeline timeclock-event-hook)
(add-hook 'timeclock-event-hook 'timeclock-update-modeline))
(when timeclock-update-timer
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