Commit dc1ab1ee authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman


parent 9c35d706
......@@ -2118,7 +2118,7 @@ replace_buffer_in_all_windows (buffer)
might crash Emacs. */
/* Make sure that window_min_height and window_min_width are
not too small; if they are, set them to safe minima. */
......@@ -3547,17 +3547,29 @@ enlarge_window (window, delta, widthflag, preserve_before)
/* If trying to grow this window to or beyond size of the parent,
just delete all the sibling windows. */
Lisp_Object tem, next;
Lisp_Object start, tem, next;
tem = XWINDOW (parent)->vchild;
if (NILP (tem))
tem = XWINDOW (parent)->hchild;
start = XWINDOW (parent)->vchild;
if (NILP (start))
start = XWINDOW (parent)->hchild;
/* Delete any siblings that come after WINDOW. */
tem = XWINDOW (window)->next;
while (! NILP (tem))
next = XWINDOW (tem)->next;
if (!EQ (tem, window))
delete_window (tem);
delete_window (tem);
tem = next;
/* Delete any siblings that come after WINDOW.
Note that if START is not WINDOW, then WINDOW still
Fhas siblings, so WINDOW has not yet replaced its parent. */
tem = start;
while (! EQ (tem, window))
next = XWINDOW (tem)->next;
delete_window (tem);
tem = next;
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