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2007-06-03 Jason Rumney <>
* w32term.c (w32_initialize): Don't call w32font_initialize.
* w32font.c (w32font_info): Remove subranges.
(QCsubranges, Qmodern, Qswiss, Qroman): Remove.
(QCfamily, Qmonospace, Qsans_serif, Qmono, Qsans, Qsans__serif)
(Qraster, Qoutline, Qlatin, Qgreek, Qcoptic, Qcyrillic, Qarmenian)
(Qhebrew, Qarabic, Qsyriac, Qnko, Qthaana, Qdevanagari, Qbengali)
(Qgurmukhi, Qgujarati, Qoriya, Qtamil, Qtelugu, Qkannada)
(Qmalayalam, Qsinhala, Qthai, Qlao, Qtibetan, Qmyanmar, Qgeorgian)
(Qhangul, Qethiopic, Qcherokee, Qcanadian_aboriginal, Qogham)
(Qrunic, Qkhmer, Qmongolian, Qsymbol, Qbraille, Qhan)
(Qideographic_description, Qcjk_misc, Qkana, Qbopomofo, Qkanbun)
(Qyi, Qbyzantine_musical_symbol, Qmusical_symbol, Qmathematical):
New symbols.
(font_callback_data): New struct.
(w32font_list, w32font_match): Use it.
(w32font_open): Don't populate subranges.
(w32font_has_char): Use script Lisp symbols, not subrange bitmask.
(w32font_encode_char): Always return unicode code-point as-is.
(w32font_text_extents): Supply a tranformation matrix to
GetGlyphOutline. Never look up by glyph index. Avoid looping
twice. Use unicode version of GetTexExtentPoint32 instead of
glyph index version.
(set_fonts_frame): Remove
(w32_enumfont_pattern_entity): Add frame parameter, use it to
set frame parameter. Use backward compatible fake foundries.
Save generic family in extra slot under QCfamily. Make width slot
constant. Save QCspacing value. Save list of scripts instead of
binary subranges.
(w32_generic_family, logfonts_match, font_matches_spec): New functions.
(add_font_entity_to_list): Use font_callback_data struct. Filter
unwanted fonts.
(add_one_font_entity_to_list): Use font_callback_data struct.
(w32_registry): Default to iso10646_1;
(fill_in_logfont): Use dpi from extra slot. Don't bother with
string font registries. Don't fill in font name if it is a generic
family name, fill family instead. Use spacing, family and script
extra info to fill pitch, family and charset fields.
(list_all_matching_fonts): Use font_callback_data struct.
(unicode_range_for_char): Remove.
(font_supported_scripts): New function.
(w32font_initialize): Remove.
(syms_of_w32font): Update which symbols are defined.
2007-06-02 Jason Rumney <>
* font.c (font_pixel_size): Reverse assq_no_quit args.
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