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......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
@settitle GNU Task List
@c This date is automagically updated when you save this file:
@set lastupdate October 27, 1998
@set lastupdate November 25, 1998
@c %**end of header
@setchapternewpage off
......@@ -205,11 +205,9 @@ A manual for Ghostscript.
A manual for TCSH.
A good free reference manual for Perl. The free Perl on-line reference
documentation is good, for what it is--a list of functions and a
description of each--but that is not the same as a reference manual.
(Compare, for example, the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual with the
collection of documentation strings of Emacs Lisp functions.)
A coherent free reference manual for Perl. Most of the Perl on-line
reference documentation can be used as a starting point, but work is
needed to weld them together into a coherent manual.
A good free Perl language tutorial introduction. The existing Perl
......@@ -402,13 +400,19 @@ encryption, not the RSA algorithm, because the Diffie-Helman patent in
the US expired in 1997. This library can probably be developed from
the code for the GNU Privacy Guard (now in development).
An implementation of SSLv3 (more precisely, TLSv1) which is patent-free
(uses the non-RSA algorithms) and has distribution terms compatible with
the GNU GPL. We know of a GPL-covered implemention of a version of SSL
that you can use as a starting point.
Free software for doing secure commercial transactions on the web.
This too needs public key encryption.
@end itemize
A free replacement for PGP is no longer listed here because the GNU
Privacy Guard will do that job.
The projects to provide free replacements for PGP and SSH are no longer
listed here, because projects to do those jobs are well under way.
@node Other Projects
@chapter Other Projects
......@@ -564,9 +568,6 @@ There is a free (unambiguously public domain) database of nutritional
information compiled by the USDA at
A translator from Scheme to C.
A fast emulator for the i386 which works by translating
machine instructions into the machine language of the host machine.
......@@ -614,7 +615,7 @@ finger -l
@end example
We would like to have translators from various languages into Scheme.
These languages include TCL, Python, Perl, Java and Rexx.
These languages include TCL, Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, and Rexx.
We would like to have an implementation of Clipper, perhaps a GCC front
end, and perhaps a translator into Scheme.
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