Commit dc338e19 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(cl-make-type-test): Fix paren typo.

parent 72397ff1
......@@ -2241,7 +2241,7 @@ The type name can then be used in `typecase', `check-type', etc."
((eq type 'real) `(numberp ,val))
((eq type 'fixnum) `(integerp ,val))
;; FIXME: Should `character' accept things like ?\C-\M-a ? -stef
((memq type '(character string-char))) `(char-valid-p ,val)
((memq type '(character string-char)) `(char-valid-p ,val))
(let* ((name (symbol-name type))
(namep (intern (concat name "p"))))
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