Commit dc6ed037 authored by Luc Teirlinck's avatar Luc Teirlinck
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(xterm-mouse-mode): Change :init value.

parent 4d727d1a
......@@ -162,23 +162,11 @@ single clicks are supported. When turned on, the normal xterm
mouse functionality for such clicks is still available by holding
down the SHIFT key while pressing the mouse button."
:global t :group 'mouse
;; Do not change the :init-value below, without corresponding
;; changes in the related code in startup.el.
;; If you change the code below, you also need to change the
;; corresponding code in startup.el.
:init-value (unless (or noninteractive
(null term-file-prefix))
(let ((term (getenv "TERM"))
(and term
(not (load (concat term-file-prefix term) t t)))
;; Strip off last hyphen and what follows, then
;; try again
(setq term
(if (setq hyphend
(string-match "[-_][^-_]+$" term))
(substring term 0 hyphend)
(let ((term (getenv "TERM")))
(and term
(string-match "^\\(xterm\\|rxvt\\|dtterm\\|eterm\\)"
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