Commit dc7d7552 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(undo-get-state, undo-revert-to-state): Fns deleted.

(transpose-subr-1): Use atomic-change-group.
parent 9d43f6f1
......@@ -1122,34 +1122,6 @@ is not *inside* the region START...END."
'(0 . 0)))
'(0 . 0)))
(defun undo-get-state ()
"Return a handler for the current state to which we might want to undo.
The returned handler can then be passed to `undo-revert-to-handle'."
(unless (eq buffer-undo-list t)
(defun undo-revert-to-state (handle)
"Revert to the state HANDLE earlier grabbed with `undo-get-handle'.
This undoing is not itself undoable (aka redoable)."
(unless (eq buffer-undo-list t)
(let ((new-undo-list (cons (car handle) (cdr handle))))
;; Truncate the undo log at `handle'.
(when handle
(setcar handle nil) (setcdr handle nil))
(unless (eq last-command 'undo) (undo-start))
;; Make sure there's no confusion.
(when (and handle (not (eq handle (last pending-undo-list))))
(error "Undoing to some unrelated state"))
;; Undo it all.
(while pending-undo-list (undo-more 1))
;; Reset the modified cons cell to its original content.
(when handle
(setcar handle (car new-undo-list))
(setcdr handle (cdr new-undo-list)))
;; Revert the undo info to what it was when we grabbed the state.
(setq buffer-undo-list handle))))
(defvar shell-command-history nil
"History list for some commands that read shell commands.")
......@@ -2825,11 +2797,13 @@ With argument 0, interchanges line point is in with line mark is in."
(let ((swap pos1))
(setq pos1 pos2 pos2 swap)))
(if (> (cdr pos1) (car pos2)) (error "Don't have two things to transpose"))
(let ((word2 (delete-and-extract-region (car pos2) (cdr pos2))))
(goto-char (car pos2))
(insert (delete-and-extract-region (car pos1) (cdr pos1)))
(goto-char (car pos1))
(insert word2)))
(let (word2)
(setq word2 (delete-and-extract-region (car pos2) (cdr pos2)))
(goto-char (car pos2))
(insert (delete-and-extract-region (car pos1) (cdr pos1)))
(goto-char (car pos1))
(insert word2))))
(defun backward-word (arg)
"Move backward until encountering the beginning of a word.
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