Commit dcbac02a authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(ucs-insert): Change arguments from `arg' to `character', `count',

`inherit' to be the same as in `insert-char'.  Doc fix.  (Bug#4039)
parent 77748848
......@@ -2917,19 +2917,28 @@ for decimal. Returns a character as a number."
(cdr (assoc-string input (ucs-names) t))))))
(defun ucs-insert (arg)
"Insert a character of the given Unicode code point.
(defun ucs-insert (character &optional count inherit)
"Insert COUNT copies of CHARACTER of the given Unicode code point.
Interactively, prompts for a Unicode character name or a hex number
using `read-char-by-name'."
(interactive (list (read-char-by-name "Unicode (name or hex): ")))
(if (stringp arg)
(setq arg (string-to-number arg 16)))
using `read-char-by-name'.
The optional third arg INHERIT (non-nil when called interactively),
says to inherit text properties from adjoining text, if those
properties are sticky."
(list (read-char-by-name "Unicode (name or hex): ")
(prefix-numeric-value current-prefix-arg)
(unless count (setq count 1))
(if (stringp character)
(setq character (string-to-number character 16)))
((not (integerp arg))
(error "Not a Unicode character code: %S" arg))
((or (< arg 0) (> arg #x10FFFF))
(error "Not a Unicode character code: 0x%X" arg)))
(insert-and-inherit arg))
((not (integerp character))
(error "Not a Unicode character code: %S" character))
((or (< character 0) (> character #x10FFFF))
(error "Not a Unicode character code: 0x%X" character)))
(if inherit
(dotimes (i count) (insert-and-inherit character))
(dotimes (i count) (insert character))))
(define-key ctl-x-map "8\r" 'ucs-insert)
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