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(Calendar Customizing): Move view-diary-entries-initially,

view-calendar-holidays-initially, mark-diary-entries-in-calendar,
mark-holidays-in-calendar to main Emacs Manual.
(Appt Customizing): Merge entire section into main Emacs Manual.
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(Calendar/Diary): Menu now only on Mouse-3, not C-Mouse-3.
(Diary): Refer to `diary-file' rather than ~/diary.
(Diary Commands): Rename node to "Displaying the Diary".
* emacs.texi (Top): Rename "Diary Commands" section.
* misc.texi (Hardcopy): Rename "Diary Commands" xref.
2005-03-26 Eli Zaretskii <>
......@@ -327,47 +327,10 @@ diary suit your personal tastes.
* Fancy Diary Display:: Enhancing the diary display, sorting entries,
using included diary files.
* Sexp Diary Entries:: Fancy things you can do.
* Appt Customizing:: Customizing appointment reminders.
@end menu
@node Calendar Customizing
@section Customizing the Calendar
@vindex view-diary-entries-initially
If you set the variable @code{view-diary-entries-initially} to
@code{t}, calling up the calendar automatically displays the diary
entries for the current date as well. The diary dates appear only if
the current date is visible. If you add both of the following lines to
your init file:@refill
(setq view-diary-entries-initially t)
@end example
this displays both the calendar and diary windows whenever you start Emacs.
@vindex view-calendar-holidays-initially
Similarly, if you set the variable
@code{view-calendar-holidays-initially} to @code{t}, entering the
calendar automatically displays a list of holidays for the current
three-month period. The holiday list appears in a separate
@vindex mark-diary-entries-in-calendar
You can set the variable @code{mark-diary-entries-in-calendar} to
@code{t} in order to mark any dates with diary entries. This takes
effect whenever the calendar window contents are recomputed. There are
two ways of marking these dates: by changing the face
(@pxref{Faces,,, elisp, the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual}), or by placing
a plus sign (@samp{+}) beside the date.
@vindex mark-holidays-in-calendar
Similarly, setting the variable @code{mark-holidays-in-calendar} to
@code{t} marks holiday dates, either with a change of face or with an
asterisk (@samp{*}).
@vindex calendar-holiday-marker
@vindex diary-entry-marker
The variable @code{calendar-holiday-marker} specifies how to mark a
......@@ -1260,47 +1223,6 @@ the European style, the order of the parameters is changed to @var{day},
If one of these functions decides that it applies to a certain date,
it returns a value that contains @var{mark}.
@node Appt Customizing
@section Customizing Appointment Reminders
You can specify exactly how Emacs reminds you of an appointment, and
how far in advance it begins doing so, by setting these variables:
@vindex appt-message-warning-time
@vindex appt-audible
@vindex appt-visible
@vindex appt-display-mode-line
@vindex appt-msg-window
@vindex appt-display-duration
@vindex appt-disp-window-function
@vindex appt-delete-window-function
@table @code
@item appt-message-warning-time
The time in minutes before an appointment that the reminder begins. The
default is 12 minutes.
@item appt-audible
If this is non-@code{nil}, Emacs rings the
terminal bell for appointment reminders. The default is @code{t}.
@item appt-visible
If this is non-@code{nil}, Emacs displays the appointment
message in the echo area. The default is @code{t}.
@item appt-display-mode-line
If this is non-@code{nil}, Emacs displays the number of minutes
to the appointment on the mode line. The default is @code{t}.
@item appt-msg-window
If this is non-@code{nil}, Emacs displays the appointment
message in another window. The default is @code{t}.
@item appt-disp-window-function
This variable holds a function to use to create the other window
for the appointment message.
@item appt-delete-window-function
This variable holds a function to use to get rid of the appointment
message window, when its time is up.
@item appt-display-duration
The number of seconds to display an appointment message. The default
is 10 seconds.
@end table
@node Index
@unnumbered Index
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