Commit dcfe1c4a authored by Michael Albinus's avatar Michael Albinus

Fix Bug#35055

* lisp/net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-shell-command):
Handle `shell-command-width'.  (Bug#35055)
parent e233dedd
......@@ -3638,6 +3638,13 @@ support symbolic links."
(if (and (not current-buffer-p) (integerp asynchronous))
(let ((tramp-remote-process-environment
;; `shell-command-width' has been introduced with Emacs 27.1.
(if (natnump (bound-and-true-p shell-command-width))
(cons (format "COLUMNS=%d"
(bound-and-true-p shell-command-width))
;; Run the process.
(setq p (start-file-process-shell-command
......@@ -3648,7 +3655,7 @@ support symbolic links."
(setq mode-line-process '(":%s"))
(set-process-sentinel p #'shell-command-sentinel)
(set-process-filter p #'comint-output-filter)))
(set-process-filter p #'comint-output-filter))))
;; Run the process.
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