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remove historical info from nextstep/FOR-RELEASE

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2008-07-15 Adrian Robert <>
* FOR-RELEASE: Remove historical info.
2008-07-15 Adrian Robert <>
New directory with support files to support NeXTstep window system.
......@@ -57,160 +57,7 @@ On a German (PowerBook?) keyboard alt-` produces the correct ˚, without alt mod
** Exec-dump not working on GNUstep (so slow startup).
** occasional size too large for screen errors
** undo for color-drag face customization
Try font-backend mechanism (see font.h).
Auto font substitution?
ns-option-modifier (alias for ns-alternate-modifier)
ns-control-modifier, ns-function-modifier (new)
- Frame bugs:
- create frame on second monitor fails (due to frame-parameters).
toolbar bugs
fix cursor disappears on italic text bug
fix scrollbar erase on Ctrl-l bug
Menubar emacs-21 compatibility. Make this and command-is-meta
switchable at startup. Switch mouse handling to 3-button compatible.
mouse button normalization
[rc1 released]
shift-alt-h does produce Ó (according C-h k), but this glyph is not
always shown completely, it seems to depend on the font used
[width estimation still off; this character is 211 = 0xD3]
Another attempt at composite rendering.
shift-alt-6 does not produce ^ (dead key) but &.
[adding alt continues to pick up the '&' interpretation, but in other
apps this suddenly changes it to a dead key]
- italic in Courier is still cut off
- dead keys end isearch w/o allowing typing
[need to insert to minibuffer if that is active]
When using the Dvorak with Qwerty keyboard shortcuts keyboard layout
(hereon in referred to as Dvorak-Qwerty), keyboard shortcuts
erroneously use the Dvorak layout. e.g. The Qwerty H key becomes D in
Dvorak, but with Dvorak-Qwerty the same key should be used when
hitting Cmd-H to hide an application. In with a
Dvorak-Qwerty layout I must hit Cmd-J (Qwerty J becomes H in Dvorak)
to hide the app.
- menus
- consolidate FRAME_INTERNAL_BORDER extension hacks
- mouse-1 activation problems (buttons, etc.): check keyboard.c HAVE_NS sections
- clean up bg fill code in font->draw(), and change conditions on when called with bg=yes
- clean up / optimize the metrics caching -- consider reducing memory load
- non-encapsulated build
- test color-drag face customization (accuracy and saving)
- look at ns-mark-nav replacement
- gnustep
- documentation:
- "stipple" images, alpha, color-drag, etc.
- make sure everyone finds it
[rc2 released]
- recheck font width determination for variable-width non-wide fonts
- resize-drag
- colored bitmaps (use NSCalibratedRGBColorspace for the bitmap and
add a method setBitmapForegroundColor:color to twiddle the bits
- resize title printing bug
[rc2a released]
- naming: cursor "line" -> "bar", "bar" -> underscore
- incorporate Pete's locallisp patch
- document needed sudo for compile --shared-lisp
[patch 20071010_rc2a released]
- clean up ns-menu-bar.el and try folding into ns-win.el
- fix jaggedy startup screen w/black bkgrd
- Pete's fringe weirdness
- iconification: use shrunk image for non-finder types
- toolbar updating
[patch 20071015_rc2a released]
- multi-TTY merge
- terminal mode weird colors (real fix)
- Frame bugs:
- a full-height frame will be shrunk on defocus, focus
[actually must be over-height, but it's a little overzealous in the
shrinking; probably happens in x_set_window_size]
- adding toolbar on full-height frame requires resize to avoid scrambling
- Buffers menu brokenness
- inability to use ARGB colors problem
- cut buffer in TTY
[rc3 released]
- mic-paren removal (also see
- describe-key problem
- drop need for preload advice (print-buffer workaround)
- new frame placement ignores parameters [cannot replicate]
- white text on background alpha
- Multi-TTY: switching input between tty and GUI frames still needs work.
Once ns_select() and ns_read_socket() are being called, the regular terminal
input route seems ineffective. Furthermore NSApp activate events are not
picked up when attempting to read in terminal mode.
(Tests: make-frame-on-tty /dev/ttyp#, make-frame-on-display)
- remove ns-yes-or-no-p, try again to improve looks of regular dialog in nsmenu.m
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