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......@@ -49,6 +49,16 @@ that can destroy significant amounts of nontrivial data generally kill.
The commands' names and individual descriptions use the words @samp{kill}
and @samp{delete} to say which they do.
@cindex Delete Selection mode
@cindex mode, Delete Selection
@findex delete-selection-mode
You can arrange for selected text to be killed when you insert something
and replaced by what you insert; this is the way many text interfaces
work. To do this turn on Delete Selection mode. with @kbd{M-x
delete-selection-mode} or using Custom. Also in Delete Selection mode
@key{DEL}, @kbd{C-d} and some other keys will just kill the whole
selection and Transient Mark mode is turned on (@pxref{Transient Mark}).
* Deletion:: Commands for deleting small amounts of text and
blank areas.
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