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* lisp/emacs-lisp/package.el (package--alist): New

(package-activate-all): Use it so we only initialize the local part of
package.el (this reduces the impact of bug#24467 and speeds up startup).
(package-installed-p): Use it so it works even if package is not
fully initialized.
(package-delete): Use it so we only initialize the local part of
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......@@ -487,7 +487,7 @@ This is, approximately, the inverse of `version-to-list'.
(if (equal "." (car str-list))
(pop str-list))
(apply 'concat (nreverse str-list)))))
(apply #'concat (nreverse str-list)))))
(defun package-desc-full-name (pkg-desc)
(format "%s-%s"
......@@ -609,6 +609,12 @@ updates `package-alist'."
(when (file-directory-p pkg-dir)
(package-load-descriptor pkg-dir))))))))
(defun package--alist ()
"Return `package-alist', after computing it if needed."
(or package-alist
(progn (package-load-all-descriptors)
(defun define-package (_name-string _version-string
&optional _docstring _requirements
&rest _extra-properties)
......@@ -837,7 +843,7 @@ untar into a directory named DIR; otherwise, signal an error."
(defun package--alist-to-plist-args (alist)
(mapcar 'macroexp-quote
(mapcar #'macroexp-quote
(apply #'nconc
(mapcar (lambda (pair) (list (car pair) (cdr pair))) alist))))
(defun package-unpack (pkg-desc)
......@@ -1492,9 +1498,7 @@ The variable `package-load-list' controls which packages to load."
;; any decoding).
(let ((load-source-file-function nil))
(load package-quickstart-file nil 'nomessage))
(unless package--initialized
(package-initialize t))
(dolist (elt package-alist)
(dolist (elt (package--alist))
(condition-case err
(package-activate (car elt))
;; Don't let failure of activation of a package arbitrarily stop
......@@ -1903,10 +1907,9 @@ If PACKAGE is a `package-desc' object, MIN-VERSION is ignored."
;; We used the quickstart: make it possible to use package-installed-p
;; even before package is fully initialized.
(memq package package-activated-list))
((not package--initialized) (error "package.el is not yet initialized!"))
(let ((pkg-descs (cdr (assq package package-alist))))
(let ((pkg-descs (cdr (assq package (package--alist)))))
(and pkg-descs
(version-list-<= min-version
(package-desc-version (car pkg-descs)))))
......@@ -2079,16 +2082,12 @@ If NOSAVE is non-nil, the package is not removed from
;; Initialize the package system to get the list of package
;; symbols for completion.
(unless package--initialized
(package-initialize t))
(let* ((package-table
(lambda (p) (cons (package-desc-full-name p) p))
(delq nil
(mapcar (lambda (p) (unless (package-built-in-p p) p))
(apply #'append (mapcar #'cdr package-alist))))))
(apply #'append (mapcar #'cdr (package--alist)))))))
(package-name (completing-read "Delete package: "
(mapcar #'car package-table)
nil t)))
......@@ -2196,12 +2195,12 @@ will be deleted."
;; Load the package list if necessary (but don't activate them).
(unless package--initialized
(package-initialize t))
(let ((packages (append (mapcar 'car package-alist)
(mapcar 'car package-archive-contents)
(mapcar 'car package--builtins))))
(let ((packages (append (mapcar #'car package-alist)
(mapcar #'car package-archive-contents)
(mapcar #'car package--builtins))))
(unless (memq guess packages)
(setq guess nil))
(setq packages (mapcar 'symbol-name packages))
(setq packages (mapcar #'symbol-name packages))
(let ((val
(completing-read (if guess
(format "Describe package (default %s): "
......@@ -2507,7 +2506,7 @@ The description is read from the installed package files."
:background "light grey"
:foreground "black")
(apply 'insert-text-button button-text 'face button-face 'follow-link t
(apply #'insert-text-button button-text 'face button-face 'follow-link t
......@@ -2588,7 +2587,7 @@ Letters do not insert themselves; instead, they are commands.
("Description" 0 nil)])
(setq tabulated-list-padding 2)
(setq tabulated-list-sort-key (cons "Status" nil))
(add-hook 'tabulated-list-revert-hook 'package-menu--refresh nil t)
(add-hook 'tabulated-list-revert-hook #'package-menu--refresh nil t)
(defmacro package--push (pkg-desc status listname)
......@@ -2859,7 +2858,7 @@ shown."
(package-menu--refresh packages keywords)
(setf (car (aref tabulated-list-format 0))
(if keywords
(let ((filters (mapconcat 'identity keywords ",")))
(let ((filters (mapconcat #'identity keywords ",")))
(concat "Package[" filters "]"))
(if keywords
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