Commit de00302b authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(lm-keywords-finder-p): Use defvar rather than with-no-warnings.

parent e409c527
......@@ -452,14 +452,14 @@ This can be found in an RCS or SCCS header."
(if keywords
(split-string keywords ",?[ \t]"))))
(defvar finder-known-keywords)
(defun lm-keywords-finder-p (&optional file)
"Return non-nil if any keywords in FILE are known to finder."
(require 'finder)
(let ((keys (lm-keywords-list file)))
(catch 'keyword-found
(while keys
(if (assoc (intern (car keys))
(with-no-warnings finder-known-keywords))
(if (assoc (intern (car keys)) finder-known-keywords)
(throw 'keyword-found t))
(setq keys (cdr keys)))
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