Commit de207f5a authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa
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(isearch-range-invisible): Handle the case that

buffer-invisibility-spec is t (i.e. not a list).
parent 7678db25
......@@ -1619,8 +1619,10 @@ If there is no completion possible, say so and continue searching."
(while overlays
(setq o (car overlays)
invis-prop (overlay-get o 'invisible))
(if (or (memq invis-prop buffer-invisibility-spec)
(assq invis-prop buffer-invisibility-spec))
(if (if (eq buffer-invisibility-spec t)
(or (memq invis-prop buffer-invisibility-spec)
(assq invis-prop buffer-invisibility-spec)))
(if (overlay-get o 'isearch-open-invisible)
(setq ov-list (cons o ov-list))
;; We found one overlay that cannot be
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