Commit de5c0f39 authored by Kenichi Handa's avatar Kenichi Handa

(fs_load_font): Don't set fontp->font_encoder to NULL

before calling find_ccl_program_func.  Call find_ccl_program_func
only when fontp->font_encoder is not NULL.
parent e559b126
......@@ -690,9 +690,7 @@ fs_load_font (f, c, fontname, id, face)
fontp->font_encoder = (struct ccl_program *) 0;
if (find_ccl_program_func)
if (! fontp->font_encoder && find_ccl_program_func)
(*find_ccl_program_func) (fontp);
/* If we loaded a font for a face that has fontset, record the face
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