Commit de7a9afa authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(vc-deduce-fileset): Add arg `only-files'.

(vc-next-action): Pass the new arg.
(vc-register): Don't use `only-files'.
Don't set `backup-inhibited' in the current buffer.
parent d4d1a4ac
2008-06-17 Stefan Monnier <>
* vc.el (vc-deduce-fileset): Add arg `only-files'.
(vc-next-action): Pass the new arg.
(vc-register): Don't use `only-files'.
Don't set `backup-inhibited' in the current buffer.
2008-06-17 Miles Bader <>
* mouse.el (mouse-appearance-menu): Use buffer-face-mode.
......@@ -547,6 +547,8 @@
;;; Todo:
;; - Get rid of the "master file" terminology.
;; - Add key-binding for vc-delete-file.
;;;; New Primitives:
......@@ -1014,34 +1016,41 @@ Within directories, only files already under version control are noticed."
;; (vc-backend (car cooked)))))
;; (cons backend selection)))
(defun vc-deduce-fileset (&optional observer allow-unregistered)
(defun vc-deduce-fileset (&optional observer allow-unregistered only-files)
"Deduce a set of files and a backend to which to apply an operation.
If we're in VC-dir mode, the fileset is the list of marked files.
Otherwise, if we're looking at a buffer visiting a version-controlled file,
the fileset is a singleton containing this file.
If none of these conditions is met, but ALLOW_UNREGISTERED is on and the
visited file is not registered, return a singleton fileset containing it.
Otherwise, throw an error."
Otherwise, throw an error.
ONLY-FILES if non-nil, means that the caller needs to FILESET-ONLY-FILES
info. Otherwise, that part may be skipped.
BEWARE: this function may change the current buffer."
;; FIXME: OBSERVER is unused. The name is not intuitive and is not
;; documented.
;; documented. It's set to t when called from diff and print-log.
(let (backend)
((derived-mode-p 'vc-dir-mode)
(let ((marked (vc-dir-marked-files)))
(if marked
(list vc-dir-backend marked (vc-dir-marked-only-files))
(list vc-dir-backend marked
(if only-files (vc-dir-marked-only-files)))
(let ((crt (vc-dir-current-file)))
(list vc-dir-backend (list crt) (vc-dir-child-files))))))
(list vc-dir-backend (list crt)
(if only-files (vc-dir-child-files)))))))
((setq backend (vc-backend buffer-file-name))
(list backend (list buffer-file-name) (list buffer-file-name)))
((and vc-parent-buffer (or (buffer-file-name vc-parent-buffer)
((and (buffer-live-p vc-parent-buffer)
;; FIXME: Why this test? --Stef
(or (buffer-file-name vc-parent-buffer)
(with-current-buffer vc-parent-buffer
(eq major-mode 'vc-dir-mode))))
(progn ;FIXME: Why not `with-current-buffer'? --Stef.
(set-buffer vc-parent-buffer)
(vc-deduce-fileset observer allow-unregistered only-files)))
((not buffer-file-name)
(error "Buffer %s is not associated with a file" (buffer-name)))
((and allow-unregistered (not (vc-registered buffer-file-name)))
......@@ -1118,7 +1127,7 @@ with the logmessage as change commentary. A writable file is retained.
If the repository file is changed, you are asked if you want to
merge in the changes into your working copy."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((vc-fileset (vc-deduce-fileset nil t))
(let* ((vc-fileset (vc-deduce-fileset nil t 'only-files))
(backend (car vc-fileset))
(files (nth 1 vc-fileset))
(fileset-only-files (nth 2 vc-fileset))
......@@ -1312,9 +1321,11 @@ first backend that could register the file is used."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((fileset-arg (or vc-fileset (vc-deduce-fileset nil t)))
(backend (car fileset-arg))
(files (nth 1 fileset-arg))
(fileset-only-files (nth 2 fileset-arg)))
(dolist (fname fileset-only-files)
(files (nth 1 fileset-arg)))
;; We used to operate on `only-files', but VC wants to provide the
;; possibility to register directories rather than files only, since
;; many VCS allow that as well.
(dolist (fname files)
(let ((bname (get-file-buffer fname)))
(unless fname (setq fname buffer-file-name))
(when (vc-backend fname)
......@@ -1332,12 +1343,11 @@ first backend that could register the file is used."
(set-buffer-modified-p t))
(lexical-let ((backend backend)
(files fileset-only-files))
(files files))
(if set-revision
(read-string (format "Initial revision level for %s: "
(read-string (format "Initial revision level for %s: " files))
(vc-call-backend backend 'init-revision))
(or comment (not vc-initial-comment))
......@@ -1345,15 +1355,17 @@ first backend that could register the file is used."
(lambda (files rev comment)
(message "Registering %s... " files)
(dolist (file files)
(vc-file-clearprops file))
(mapc 'vc-file-clearprops files)
(vc-call-backend backend 'register files rev comment)
(dolist (file files)
(vc-file-setprop file 'vc-backend backend)
(unless vc-make-backup-files
;; FIXME: Is this code right? What is it supposed to do?
(make-local-variable 'backup-inhibited)
(setq backup-inhibited t)))
;; FIXME: This is wrong: it should set `backup-inhibited' in all
;; the buffers visiting files affected by this `vc-register', not
;; in the current-buffer.
;; (unless vc-make-backup-files
;; (make-local-variable 'backup-inhibited)
;; (setq backup-inhibited t))
(message "Registering %s... done" files))))))
(defun vc-register-with (backend)
......@@ -1610,7 +1622,7 @@ returns t if the buffer had changes, nil otherwise."
(defun vc-version-diff (files rev1 rev2)
"Report diffs between revisions of the fileset in the repository history."
(let* ((vc-fileset (vc-deduce-fileset t))
(let* ((vc-fileset (vc-deduce-fileset t)) ;FIXME: why t? --Stef
(files (cadr vc-fileset))
(backend (car vc-fileset))
(first (car files))
......@@ -2163,7 +2175,7 @@ allowed and simply skipped)."
"List the change log of the current fileset in a window.
If WORKING-REVISION is non-nil, leave the point at that revision."
(let* ((vc-fileset (vc-deduce-fileset t))
(let* ((vc-fileset (vc-deduce-fileset t)) ;FIXME: Why t? --Stef
(backend (car vc-fileset))
(files (cadr vc-fileset))
(working-revision (or working-revision (vc-working-revision (car files)))))
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