Commit de89c0b6 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie

Make C-h c/k S-mouse-1 display message for mouse-appearance-menu, etc.

Currently, C-h c/k for S-mouse-1 reports that S-mouse-1 is unbound, ignoring
that S-down-mouse-1 is bound.  We fix this by reporting on the "latest" mouse
event of a sequence which is bound.

* lisp/help.el (help-read-key-sequence): Save all encountered mouse events in
a list.  Return the latest one which has a binding.
parent 720ed0b5
......@@ -717,7 +717,7 @@ with `mouse-movement' events."
(cursor-in-echo-area t)
(let (key down-ev)
(let (key keys down-ev discarded-up)
;; If yank-menu is empty, populate it temporarily, so that
;; "Select and Paste" menu can generate a complete event.
(when (null (cdr yank-menu))
......@@ -731,6 +731,7 @@ Describe the following key, mouse click, or menu item: "))
(and no-mouse-movement
(string-match "mouse-movement" keyname))
(progn (push key keys) nil)
(and (string-match "\\(mouse\\|down\\|click\\|drag\\)"
......@@ -739,13 +740,31 @@ Describe the following key, mouse click, or menu item: "))
(sleep-for 0.01)
(while (read-event nil nil 0.01))
(not (sit-for (/ double-click-time 1000.0) t))))))))
;; When we have a sequence of mouse events, discard the most
;; recent ones till we find one with a binding.
(let ((keys-1 keys))
(while (and keys-1
(not (key-binding (car keys-1))))
;; If we discard the last event, and this was a mouse
;; up, remember this.
(if (and (eq keys-1 keys)
(vectorp (car keys-1))
(let* ((last-idx (1- (length (car keys-1))))
(last (aref (car keys-1) last-idx)))
(and (eventp last)
(memq 'click (event-modifiers last)))))
(setq discarded-up t))
(setq keys-1 (cdr keys-1)))
(if keys-1
(setq key (car keys-1))))
;; If KEY is a down-event, read and include the
;; corresponding up-event. Note that there are also
;; down-events on scroll bars and mode lines: the actual
;; event then is in the second element of the vector.
(and (vectorp key)
(and (not discarded-up) ; Don't attempt to ignore the up-event twice.
(vectorp key)
(let ((last-idx (1- (length key))))
(and (eventp (aref key last-idx))
(memq 'down (event-modifiers (aref key last-idx)))))
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