Commit deec6f99 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(emacsclient): Link with getopt.

Add -DVERSION so emacsclient knows its version number.
parent 8f9aaa0a
......@@ -385,8 +385,10 @@ yow: ${srcdir}/yow.c ../src/paths.h
emacsserver: ${srcdir}/emacsserver.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacsserver.c $(LOADLIBES) -o emacsserver
emacsclient: ${srcdir}/emacsclient.c ../src/config.h
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacsclient.c $(LOADLIBES) -o emacsclient
emacsclient: ${srcdir}/emacsclient.c ../src/config.h $(GETOPTDEPS)
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/emacsclient.c $(GETOPTOBJS) \
-DVERSION=`sed -n -e '/(defconst emacs-version/ s/^[^"]*\("[^"]*"\).*/\1/p' ${srcdir}/../lisp/version.el` \
$(LOADLIBES) -o emacsclient
hexl: ${srcdir}/hexl.c
$(CC) ${ALL_CFLAGS} ${srcdir}/hexl.c $(LOADLIBES) -o hexl
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