Commit def0df01 authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

* lisp/info.el (Info-menu): Properly provide the `default'

Fixes: debbugs:20391
parent d32d0fae
......@@ -632,7 +632,7 @@ Do the right thing if the file has been compressed or zipped."
(or (consp decoder)
(setq decoder (list decoder)))
(apply 'call-process-region (point-min) (point-max)
(apply #'call-process-region (point-min) (point-max)
(car decoder) t t nil (cdr decoder))))
(let ((inhibit-null-byte-detection t)) ; Index nodes include null bytes
(insert-file-contents fullname visit)))
......@@ -1422,10 +1422,10 @@ is non-nil)."
(insert "\^_\nFile: dir\tNode: " nodename "\n\n* Menu:\n\n"))
;; Merge the text from the other buffer's menu
;; into the menu in the like-named node in the main buffer.
(apply 'insert-buffer-substring (cdr node))))
(apply #'insert-buffer-substring (cdr node))))
;; Kill all the buffers we just made, including the special one excised.
(mapc 'kill-buffer (cons buffer buffers))
(mapc #'kill-buffer (cons buffer buffers))
(goto-char (point-min))
(if problems
(message "Composing main Info directory...problems encountered, see `*Messages*'")
......@@ -1810,10 +1810,10 @@ See `completing-read' for a description of arguments and usage."
((string-match "\\`([^)]*\\'" string)
(apply-partially 'completion-table-with-terminator ")"
(apply-partially 'Info-read-node-name-2
(apply-partially #'completion-table-with-terminator ")"
(apply-partially #'Info-read-node-name-2
(mapcar 'car Info-suffix-list)))
(mapcar #'car Info-suffix-list)))
(substring string 1)
......@@ -1827,12 +1827,11 @@ See `completing-read' for a description of arguments and usage."
(lambda (string pred action)
(Info-build-node-completions (Info-find-file file1))
string pred)))
(lambda (string pred action)
(Info-build-node-completions (Info-find-file file1))
string pred))
nodename predicate code))))
;; Otherwise use Info-read-node-completion-table.
(t (complete-with-action
......@@ -2750,7 +2749,8 @@ new buffer."
(if (re-search-backward (concat "\n\\* +\\("
"\\):") beg t)
beg t)
(setq default (match-string-no-properties 1))))))
(let ((item nil))
(while (null item)
......@@ -2760,7 +2760,8 @@ new buffer."
(format "Menu item (default %s): "
"Menu item: ")
'Info-complete-menu-item nil t)))
#'Info-complete-menu-item nil t nil nil
;; we rely on the fact that completing-read accepts an input
;; of "" even when the require-match argument is true and ""
;; is not a valid possibility
......@@ -3496,7 +3497,7 @@ MATCHES is a list of index matches found by `Info-apropos-matches'.")
(defun Info-apropos-toc-nodes (filename)
"Apropos-specific implementation of `Info-toc-nodes'."
(let ((nodes (mapcar 'car (reverse Info-apropos-nodes))))
(let ((nodes (mapcar #'car (reverse Info-apropos-nodes))))
("Top" nil nil ,nodes)
,@(mapcar (lambda (node) `(,node "Top" nil nil)) nodes))))
......@@ -3709,13 +3710,13 @@ Build a menu of the possible matches."
"The following packages match the keyword `" nodename "':\n\n")
(insert "* Menu:\n\n")
(let ((keywords
(mapcar 'intern (if (string-match-p "," nodename)
(mapcar #'intern (if (string-match-p "," nodename)
(split-string nodename ",[ \t\n]*" t)
(list nodename))))
hits desc)
(dolist (keyword keywords)
(push (copy-tree (gethash keyword finder-keywords-hash)) hits))
(setq hits (delete-dups (apply 'append hits))
(setq hits (delete-dups (apply #'append hits))
;; Not a meaningful package.
hits (delete 'emacs hits)
hits (sort hits (lambda (a b) (string< (symbol-name a)
......@@ -3766,8 +3767,8 @@ with a list of packages that contain all specified keywords."
"Keywords (separated by comma): "
(mapcar 'symbol-name (mapcar 'car (append finder-known-keywords
(mapcar #'symbol-name (mapcar #'car (append finder-known-keywords
nil t))))
(require 'finder)
(if keywords
......@@ -5322,9 +5323,9 @@ completion alternatives to currently visited manuals."
(when (not visited-only)
(apply-partially 'Info-read-node-name-2
(apply-partially #'Info-read-node-name-2
(mapcar 'car Info-suffix-list))))))))
(mapcar #'car Info-suffix-list))))))))
(provide 'info)
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